About Us
DYO Consultant LLC is a Beijing-based brain trust that provides educational planning services for the students and their parents who are curious about the American and other English-speaking country’s education. Our educational consultants from China and US are seasoned, dedicated, passionate and well-trained educators. We advise based on our expertise and insights gained from our experience and familiarity with the process to help the families to go through the sophisticated and stressful preparation and application process with confidence and purpose. Our services include educational evaluations, school placement advising, college admissions guidance, educational counseling, and mentorship service. We believe that the well-organized educational planning could help the students to not just excel in the application process and but also thrive in their coming school journey and in life.
Having children study abroad is never easy for families. It requires fair judgment and thoughtful consideration of alternatives. This, considering the language and cultural differences, is especially true to the Chinese families in which the students plan to pursue their education abroad. We counsel the adolescents to prepare themselves entirely since it resonates with the holistic admissions policy widely implemented by the US colleges, especially the highly selective colleges. We encourage students to think of themselves, the others and the surrounding community critically and thoughtfully since this will grow their independence and governance, endowing them with more educational opportunities to grow and achieve. We are proud of being change makers generating meaningful impacts on the adolescents we serve.