Guidance is heavily demanded among the adolescents. In the mentorship program, our experienced mentors form a reliable and respectable mentoring relationship with the mentees by periodically meeting them either in face-to-face setting or online meeting supported by technology.


Our mentors, based on their life experience as an educator and an achieving adult, advise the mentees to strengthen their ownership, personal traits to face their life challenges with independence and confidence.

Today’s adolescents live in a complex and highly-pressured socioeconomic era, in which the teens work hard for nothing but grades and scores. The older they grow, the more frustrated they are if they see no life goals except grades and scores. They need experienced and educated adults in addition to their parents and school teachers to talk with honestly and get fair feedbacks, no matter positive or negative, or listen to and reflect the suggestions the adults raise to help them step out of hardship and live a meaningful and thrilling life.

Our mentors as students’ adult friends help the teens understand themselves in a deeper way, explore the challenging multicultural surrounding in a critical perspective, build up the values of respect and trust of the others in their multiple social networks in a meaningful way. We believe that these personal developments and the readiness will eventually generate impacts on the young lives in a big way.