Graduate education is highly demanded in today’s ever-challenging global society. Unlike college education mainly nurturing students as entire individuals, graduate education focuses on educating students to master the skills demanded by a specific industry. Though the undergraduate experience grows their scholarship and skills, some graduate school bound students still need guidance to help them well connect their academic and professional interests with the specific graduate disciplines, make feasible admission planning and finalize the application process effectively and wisely.
However, a graduate degree or diploma does not automatically bring you immediate impacts on your personal success. Instead, what help stand out in the personal achievement is the knowledge and skills you are equipped with, the passions and dedications that you bring into your graduate life, and the academic, professional and social connections related with the coming professional career and personal life. These demonstrated achievements will be more likely to shape a bright future.

Our unique graduate admission counseling services include:


  • Analysis of candidacy’s background and the interested academic or professional areas;
  • Graduate school selection strategy with recommendations of both reach, possible and backup programs;
  • Customized admission strategy to leverage the candidacy by academic readiness, personal experiences, ambitions, and the personal qualities for success;
  • Provide personalized standardized testing plan to help candidates understand, prepare for and excel in the tests;
  • Provide guidance on summer program placements to strengthen the academic profile or gain working experience
  • Interview prep and mock interview practices
Graduate School Acceptances(2008 – 2018)

American U
Boston U
Brandeis U
Buffalo U, SUNY
California, U of, Berkeley
California, U of, Los Angeles
California, U of, San Diego
California, U of, Santa Barbara
Carnegie Mellon U
Case Western Reserve U 
U of Chicago
Colorado, U of
Columbia U
U of Connecticut
Cornell U
U of Denver

Duke U
Emerson College
Emory U
Florida Institute of Tech
Fordham U
George Mason U
George Washington U
Georgetown U
Harvard U
U of Illinois
Indiana U
Johns Hopkins U
Kettering U
U of Maryland
U of Miami
U of Michigan

New York U
Northeastern U
Northwestern U
Ohio State U
U of Pennsylvania
Penn State U
U of Pittsburgh
Purdue U
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
The Rutgers U
U of Missouri
U of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
North Carolina State U
U of Richmond
U of Rochester

U of San Diego
Santa Clara U
U of Southern California
U of Washington
Stony Brook U, SUNY
Swarthmore College
Syracuse U
Texas A & M U
U of Texas Austin
Tulane U
Villanova U
Wake Forest U
Washington U in St. Louis
Yale U 

Other Countries

U of Adelaide (Australia)
Bath U (UK)
U of British Columbia (Canada)
Birmingham U (UK)
Cambridge U (UK)
U of Copenhagen (Denmark)

U of Durham (UK)
U of Edinburgh (UK)
Exeter U (UK)
Glasgow U (UK)
HEC Paris (France)
U of Liverpool (UK)

London School of Economics (UK)
U of Manchester (UK)
Melbourne U (UK)
Science Po (France)
Southampton U (UK)
U of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

U of Sydney (Australia)
U of Toronto (Canada)
U College London (UK)
Warwick U (UK)